NW Florida Energy Experts

Our team at Northwest Florida Energy Experts located in Pensacola Florida are dedicated to providing knowledgeable advice regarding Solar Panel benefits for homeowners throughout the Florida Panhandle.

Marko Smith is an expert in the solar industry,  his wealth of knowledge has promoted him to be a not only a sales consultant for Meraki Solar, but also a trainer for new consultants.

Rebakah Choiniere quickly became a natural choice as a partner to work with Marko,  he quickly saw her passion for the solar industry, noticed her attention to details, and her desire to help people through the process.

Marko and Rebekah are ready to help you learn the benefits of solar and make sure you and your home are ready for solar power!

Marko Smith & Rebekah Choiniere, Consultants
Northwest Florida Energy Experts
Meraki Solar Solutions Providers