Why Solar Power?

Living in Florida "The Sunshine State" solar power seems to be an obvious choice,  We are located in Pensacola Florida serving the Panhandle ready to consult you on "Why Solar".

With solar panels now at an all time low giving a great "Return on Investment" and programs like ours offering installations with NO UPFRONT COSTS it should be an easy decision.  Below we will point out some of the best reasons to GO SOLAR!!!


With solar you generally lock in your monthly power costs by investing in solar panels for power avoiding utility company rate increases
Add value to your home
Adding solar power to your home adds to your home value and adds something unique helping it sell faster than similar homes in the Pensacola area.
ZIP, ZERO,  Nothing is required upfront to buy your solar system from Meraki.  Plus most home owners save on their monthly power costs (w/solar costs)
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Local Solar Companies like Meraki are HIRING like crazy to add Sales People, Installers, and Managers. Solar is One of the Fastest Growing Sectors in the Panhandle and USA.
A Typical Residential Solar Panel System will Eliminate Three to Four Tons of Carbon Emissions Each Year —the Equivalent of Planting over 100 Trees Annually.  Natural Gas is a reason for Fracking - Not Good !!
Throughout Florida, Utility Companies are switching to Solar Power and Keeping the Benefits for Themselves,  Solar now Accounts for 30% of All New Power as of 2019, Solar is no longer a Fad!
500 sq ft.  of Solar Panels Exposed to the Florida Sun for Six Hours Can Easily Power your Average Home for the Day.  Some Utility Companies you Can Sell Unused Power to them.
If You Have Solar Power it Makes Even More Sense to Go with a Hybrid/Electric Plug-In Car and Reduce Even Further your Carbon Foot Print and Monthly Fuel Costs.
Today's Solar is Durable
Solar Panels are Amazingly Strong,  Meraki did Independent Tests Including Shooting Golf Ball Size Hail at 50mph at them, Baseballs at 250mph, and Driving 2 Ton Trucks on Them
Because Today's Solar Panels are Durable - WE TESTED THEM OURSELVES!!!
  • Golf Ball Size Hail Shot at 50mph - No Problem
  • Baseball Shot at 250mph - No Problem
  • Drive a 2 TON Plus Truck on Them - No Problem
  • Submerged Under Water - No Problem
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Solar Savings Graph

Not only will you stabilize your future utility costs,  you should also reduce your current utility costs.  PLUS once your solar system loan is paid you may completely eliminate your power bill -  WHY GO SOLAR -  THIS IS WHY!!!!!


  • FLORIDA NET METERING REGULATORY POLICY It allows you to sell any excess solar energy you may have back to the grid. So during the day when you may be at work and not using much power you are furnishing the power company power and getting paid for it.   LEARN MORE

  • IN FLORIDA ITS A VALUE ADDED IMPROVEMENT TO YOUR HOME THAT DOES NOT ADD TO YOUR PROPERTY TAX  Normally, when you make improvements to your home or otherwise add value to your house, your property tax bills increase.  This does not happen with the added value of solar so your FLORIDA PROPERTY TAX BILL does NOT increase.  LEARN MORE

  • SALES TAX EXEMPTION  - You pay no sales tax on the purchase of your Solar Installations in Florida.  LEARN MORE

  • CURRENT FEDERAL SOLAR TAX CREDITS - In addition to Florida’s tax exemptions and net metering incentives that encourage solar energy systems, the Federal government as well gives you another great incentive "the Investment Tax Credit (ITC)". This generous federal rebate effectively reduces your new solar purchase by 26 percent  in 2020 right off the bat in the first year, as a credit on your income tax. (2021 has a smaller incentive then 2022 there is NONE)   NOTE: Allowing that you have enough income for the tax credit to be relevant (most home owners do), and the Federal ITC applies only to those who buy their PV system outright with a cash purchase or a solar loan as we do in our Zero Down systems. - LEARN MORE